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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Rosie RussellRosie Russell
Passed 1st time
My instructor has been amazing. Really steady lessons with a good structure. Come away feeling confident that I can drive. The last year we have built a great rapport where he understood what I needed, whatever my mood. Thank you

Antony ArcherAntony Archer
5 Stars
The first day I got in the car I knew Graeme’s knowledge, wisdom and experience was 2nd to none. In my opinion his methods and techniques just seem to be superior to any instructors I have had in the past. Top rated instructor for me☀️

Kieran CardwellKieran Cardwell
Great resources
The LDC workbook topics and videos were really helpful on the site. The videos sent by Graeme were really helpful too, Especially when it came to the Show me / Tell me part of the test. The learning methods were helpful as well, especially when it came to the Manoeuvres side of the test. The Workbook I was given helped to keep track of what I needed to focus on when it came close to my test.

Astin Grace Astin Grace
Passed 1st time
I was provided a LDC workbook to track progress and learn independently. Graeme was on time for every lesson and on my test day. He was flexible with my lesson hours. He also helped me to swap tests when mine was cancelled.

Leo BowieLeo Bowie
Passed 1st time
Graeme was a great help and the reason I passed my driving test. Graeme was firm but fair in my lessons, telling me my areas to improve and what I can do to be the best drover possible. The LDC workbook was a major help as it talks through all details of driving. All in all a great instructor and great driving school.

Samuel MilesSamuel Miles
Passed 1st time
The instructor (Graeme) was really excellent at helping me get confident operating the vehicle and really good at helping me with the manoeuvres. I give all credit to him. The resources I was given were good and helped me understand what examiners expectations are on tests. The LD system was good a letting me learn at a pace which I felt comfortable with.

Patrick Edmonds Patrick Edmonds
Passed 1st time
Graeme is a fantastic instructor. Very patient, encouraging you to think independently and plan ahead. Graeme is very friendly and a good laugh putting you at ease. The LDC programme is well structured, enabling the learner to reflect and take ownership of learning. The LDC workbook is useful for revising, brushing up in theory. I would highly recommend Graeme and LDC.

Great result
The LDC Driving Skills workbook was really helpful - with goals for each lesson which motivated me. Graeme is a really good instructor. He helped me get through the anxiety about driving. His teaching style is organised and takes every opportunity to teach a new skill.

Kym NelsonKym Nelson
Great pass
Graeme was always really understanding and frequently gave me useful advice. If I had any questions or concerns I had the option to get in contact at any time. All instructions were clear and well-spoken.

Nadene HutchisonNadene Hutchison
Super pass
Graeme is an excellent instructor. From the 1st lesson to the last and test. He was very calm, patient, and practical. His training was faultless. When I had moments of doubt he listened and encouraged me to continue. If I had issues with certain areas he would talk about why I felt that way and encouraged me to conquer them by going over and over them until I wasn't nervous anymore. This helped me a lot. The LDC videos he sent of certain roundabouts in my area were easy to understand and helped to see where you need to be situated when using them. The videos for the show me, tell me section were a massive help too, so when asked I knew the answers. The LDC workbook was a godsend. It's full of everything you need to know, and you can see your progress and also know what areas you need to improve on. Graeme explains everything, and you can refer to the book if you need to, and of course, ask him any questions if you are unsure. I had tried another driving instructor before Graeme but never felt confident enough. He built up my confidence to be able to pass, and I am grateful that I found him.

Jack BealeJack Beale
Faultless Pass
I can’t praise highly enough Graeme’s patience, encouragement, and attention to detail, which allowed me to achieve a faultless pass in my practical test. I found using the LDC resources helpful - the workbook was incredibly thorough and helped me track my progress, identifying specific skills to focus upon in lessons to improve my driving. I would certainly recommend LDC and Graeme to anyone I knew looking to learn to drive.

Phoebe HastePhoebe Haste
1st time pass
Graeme is a good teacher. Helps you understand everything you need to know. The LDC workbook helped a lot and makes it better to understand road markings signs etc. Graeme was very calm and helpful.

Madison Stevens
1st Time pass
Graeme is an amazing instructor, after struggling a long time picking up driving he has helped me pass first time. I am very grateful and I definitely recommend him to new drivers.

Ashly JohnsonAshly Johnson
Great Result
I would highly recommend Graeme! He has helped so much with my confidence and my skills. He has taught me to drive safely. Graeme has been extremely patient with me and taught me all the great reference points for manoeuvres and took me to all the best training areas.

Stephen PowellStephen Powell
1st time pass
My Driving instructor (Graeme) was fantastic. He helped and understood me so much. The workbook was very handy by looking over each of the lessons. I also used the LDC YouTube channel. Made me the driver I am today. A big thank you from my family, I wouldn't of passed if it wasn't for Graeme and the way he teaches. I will definitely tell my friends and family about LDC. Graeme also put my mind at rest.

Rachael BlackmanRachael Blackman
1st time pass
Graeme was always encouraging and kept me calm in every lesson. He made me think through all my actions and make me question how I did. This allowed me to develop my skills assess my own learning. The LDC workbook was helpful as it allowed me see my weak areas. Graeme also provided me with images of roundabouts to help me understand the spiral ones. Also sent me videos of the "show me, tell me" Questions before going over them in the car. As I needed the and physical car to learn.

Natalia BrzozowskaNatalia Brzozowska
Great Result
Graeme was always patient and calm while instructing. He gave me the space to figure things out on my own while always being there to give pointers, tips and help on how to drive better. He was a great help in building my confidence on the road.

Amani HoweAmani Howe
Graeme has been a great driving instructor. Hes very friendly and easy to get along with. Since l've had lessons with him I have learnt so many more skills in driving and useful tips. The LDC system is really useful and i think using the workbook to write about your lesson is really helpful. Graeme showed me how to be a good driver and the tips he gave will be really useful to me.

Lauren Davis - MathisLauren Davis - Mathis
Passed 1st time
Graeme made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. He made me feel in control of lessons and my learning, he didn't over instruct and let me work it out. He helps in the right circumstances. The LDC workbook worked really well and Graeme provided me with extra materials closer to the test. I gained lots of confidence in each lesson.

Ellie DrewEllie Drew
Passed 1st time
I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Graeme. He was always very positive, which I needed to balance out my negativity. He taught me everything I needed to be able to pass 1st time- never did I think that would have happened. He was always calm and never seemed to get frustrated when things went wrong, which I have heard lots of instructors do. Overall, I couldn't recommend learning with Graeme enough.

Chelsea MaynardChelsea Maynard
Fantastic Instructor
Graeme is a fantastic instructor. Very patient, excellent teacher, and extremely thorough. He made me feel a lot more comfortable as a very anxious learner.

Yasmin FergussonYasmin Fergusson
1st Time Pass
I think that my instructor was very professional and helped me whenever needed. He helped with my theory test and guided me to where i could find answers. My LDC workbook was very helpful and i was prompted to fill it out and look through the test criteria. Very happy with everything.

Jay MilneJay Milne
Graeme made me feel really relaxed when we first started. He was always calm when i did something wrong. The best driving instructor i've had.

Kristie PhillipsKristie Phillips
Passed 1st time
Graeme was very thorough and calm when i was driving and if i had a made a fault. He was very understanding when i sometimes panicked. The LDC theory is excellent and really helped me to pass the 2nd time around. By putting some of the theory into practice in lessons it helped me understand the questions.

Hannah RobertsHannah Roberts
Passed 1st time
Graeme was super patient and helpful, he made learning to drive a fun and stress free experience, and thanks to Graeme i learnt so much and passed first time. I am now prepared and confident enough to deal with real life hazards, this is thanks to the LDC Driving Centre. I found both my instructor and the LDC driving skills workbook super helpful to prepare me for both the test and real life driving. Thank you Graeme for everything.

Levy MarquesLevy Marques
The teaching is very good. Very detailed instruction and overall excellent teaching.

Georgina HardingGeorgina Harding
Graeme is an amazing instructor. He always made sure i was comfortable and confident. I would definitely recommend.

Daniel SladeDaniel Slade
1st time pass
Graeme was always calm, fair and kind in his approach making me always feel calmer and more in control when under pressure. He was always helpful in and out of lessons, giving out advice and helpful links over the phone or in person.

Fabien HarveyFabien Harvey
First time pass
Graeme is a fantastic Driving instructor. Super knowledgeable about driving. Highly recommend.

Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith
First time pass
Graeme is ever such a calming influence in the car. Very friendly but assertive. He teaches well, giving clear instructions and directions and intervenes only when necessary for everyone’s safety. Graeme explains things well, is always punctual and ready and a good price. First time pass with Graeme 😀 Some things still to work on for me to be the safest driver I want to be and Graeme has offered his help with these things with no obligation. The LD workbook is great too, loads of useful info, quizzes and sets driving objectives out in clear targets to work through so you know where your at throughout your learning. Graeme has also sent me videos of manoeuvres and pictures of roundabouts, scribbled on to explain lanes, turning etc. Recommended

Sophie ButlerSophie Butler
Faultless Pass
Graeme was an excellent instructor, really good at calming my nerves and helping me progress with my driving. Using the LDC resources really helped me with my theory and preparing for the next driving lesson.

Harley-Jay TrivettHarley-Jay Trivett
Graeme was very helpful during my learning to drive, He has a friendly, calm approach that helped control my nerves and made my learning enjoyable. The theory test website is also very helpful, with the use of this and Graeme's help I was able to pass my theory test. I would definitely recommend Graeme. The best!